Behind a smoking jacket hides a prince…or a waiter.

24. 5. 2024 – 26. 5. 2024


450 CZK – 650 CZK

Family show: suitable for adults and children 6+ years
Duration: 70 minutes without intermission
Place: Football field, Erpet Centrum, Praha 5 – Smíchov

La Soirée is a cabaret by My!Laika freely inspired by the film “La Bal” (1983) by Ettore Scola in which images of Heinz Dunkhase’s “Dinner for One” (1963) and Hanna and Barbera’s “Tom & Jerry” (1940) can be recalled.

A series of eccentric characters meet up for “La Soirée” in a third-rate restaurant. Relationships intertwine with the succession of skill tests that the guests give in the large hall. A carpet, a sofa and the “Tenedor Libre” orchestra play Chopin in a romantic way and metal in a frenzied way, while the circus tells stories of extraordinary humanity in its usual straightforward way.

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Orchestra: Philine Dahlmann, Sandro Angius, Giacomo Martini
Artists and authors: Caterina Fort jako Giudy Falsaperla | Edoardo Demontis jako Speach-guy | Johnatan Frau & Eliel Dias Soarez jako Basaglia | Dominique Joannon jako slečna Klette | Cecilia Campos jako Celinda | Salvatore Frasca jako Freddie | Samanta Fois jako Sabrine
Technician: Manue Guilbert
Diffusion/Production: Nico Agüero
Administration/Production: Les Thérèses
Rezidencies: La Ballena Kulturkosmos, Lärz, Germany