The original poetic, theatrical and acrobatic show deviates from the classic acts of the new circus!

24. 5. 2024 – 1. 6. 2024


450 CZK – 650 CZK

Family show: suitable for adults and children 6+ years
Duration: 85 minutes without intermission
Place: Football field, Erpet Centrum, Praha 5 – Smíchov

You won’t believe what these guys can do with guitars!

For the first time in the Czech Republic and at the ARENA open air festival, the French Le P’tit Cirk Company will join in with its successful performance Les Dodos. The original poetic and theatrical acrobatic show goes beyond classical new circus acts.

You will be impressed by perfect technique of acrobatics in a show full of absurd rituals. The young artists play with their fear combined with unshakeable naivety and insolent humor while attempting to escape the laws of gravity.

Their fragility with boundless imagination creates incredible acrobatic movements in front of the audience. The performers are accompanied by a range of stringed instruments lead by guitars. But you can also see a violin or a contrabass. But watch out for guitars! These are the midpoint of acrobatic movements and risky somersaults!

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Authors: Alice Barraud, Pablo Escobar, Basile Forest, Louison Lelarge, Charly Sanchez
Cooperation: Sky de Sela, Christophe Lelarge, Danielle Le Pierrès
Stage manager / lights: Maël Velly
Technicians: Marco Le Bars, Christophe Lelarge, Alex Olléac
Scenography, construction: Guillaume Roudot
Light design: Dominique Maréchal
Costume collaboration: Anouk Cazin
Sound design: Philippe Ollivier
Production: Marie Münch