Great songs of František Skála and his band
Třaskavá směs on the festival ARENA!

Date of the concert:
31. 5. 2024


320 CZK

Duration: 90 minut bez přestávky
Place: Football field, Erpet Centrum, Praha 5 – Smíchov

A group of playful artists – František Skála, Petr Nikl, Miroslav Černý and Petr Tichý, an unknown number of instruments and a whirlwind of songs, both their own and borrowed (Elvis Presley, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan) performed by Czech artists.

František Skála became famous above all as an artist, his objects made from various found objects and fragments, paintings, illustrations of more than twenty books and the comic book “Velké putování Vlase a Brady” are well known. However, this varied artist, is also a member of the “Tros Sketos” group, the “Sklep” theater and several bands. He is no newcomer to music – he already toured with the group “Kilhets” in the 1970s, and played with the “MCH Band” in the early 1980s. Later, Skála became famous for his singing and guitar performances in the band “Malý taneční orchestr Universal” or the originally unclassifiable “Finský Barok”.

Now he continues in the group “František Skála & Třaskavá směs”, with which he released his first author’s album called Debut. Songs accumulated over many years appeared here, some were created to refresh the vernissage programs. The songs of “Třaskavá směs” are full of bizarreness, subtly imaginative lyrics, irony and Dadaist humor. In addition to classical instruments, the sound of spoons being smashed or whistling made by Petr Nikl’s rubber toys can be heard in the background. In addition to František Skála’s original songs, the concert will also feature cover songs (Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits) or quirky songs (composed by Skála’s father, František Skála Sr.).

FRANTIŠEK SKÁLA – vocal, guitar / PETR NIKL – ukulele, percussion, vocal / PETR TICHÝ – double bass / MIROSLAV ČERNÝ – el. guitar

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