Open Air Festival ARENA founded by the Forman Brothers’ Theatre is a showcase of theatre, new circus, music and contemporary performing art. It includes performances produced by the Forman Brothers as well as performances by artists that Petr and Matěj Forman met during their travels around the world.

The flagship of the 2021 festival is a production called Les Dodos by the French project Le P‘tit Cirk. Also, this year the festival will take place in a new venue, just a couple of meters further from its original place in Prague. The festival zone will be set between the park at the Hořejší nábřeží and the Vltava river. There you will find the Loď Tajemství by a spacious pier for relaxation with a view of Vyšehrad and other Prague famous sites. Same as in previous years, the ARENA festival offers cooperation to emerging artists and students of art schools. With their involvement there will be unique art installations in the festival area. The entrance to the festival area is free.


Le P’tit Cirk

Les Dodos

For the very first time in the Czech Republic and at the ARENA festival, the French Le P’tit Cirk will present its successful performance Les Dodos.

Los Galindos


Step into the enchanting world of artists from the Catalan ensemble Los Galindos on their first visit to the Czech Republic.

Forman Brothers' Theatre


Renewed premiere of the famous production of the Forman Brothers‘ Theatre only for the ARENA 2021 festival!

The Illusionist

Don’t miss the epoch-making work of the king of illusions: the great theatre right in front of the audience!

Forman Brothers' Theatre & Lampion Theatre

The Happy Prince

Matěj Forman returns to the Loď Tajemství with a production of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale The Happy Prince.