Do you want to be able to juggle and move at
the same time? Come to Lukas Bliss’s workshop!

30. 5. 2024


550 CZK

Time: 15:00 – 19:00
Place: Loď Tajemství, Praha 2

How to add movement to your juggling? Or juggling into your movement?

Together with you, Lukas Bliss will focus on finding ways – how to revive the manipulation of an object with your own movement, how to let yourself be guided by it, or, conversely, how to work with an object differently than “conventional” juggling.

In the workshop, Lukas emphasizes searching and playing, so that everyone can find their own path directly proportional to their skill level.

Don’t worry if you have no juggling experience. The workshop is aimed both at jugglers who want to add a few tools to their arsenal on how to work with movement and how not to “get rooted” on stage in one place, and for those “not kissed” by juggling, who are perhaps looking for how to incorporate work with an object into movement.

With you: a bottle of drinking water, comfortable clothes for movement, balls or other juggling equipment (not necessary)

!!Attention, the capacity of the workshop is only 10 people!!

Lukas Bliss
Lukas Bliss is a performer, dancer and juggler. In his work, he explores how we can move and how we can juggle while moving. He is a co-founder of ensembles such as “My kluci, co spolu chodíme” and “Cink Cink Cirk”. Currently he also works with “POCKETART”, “Holektiv”, “Spitfire Company” and many others. He enjoys throwing and catching things, eating and dancing, not necessarily in that order.

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