Nomadic Game Room SLÁDKOVNA

25. 5., 26. 5. and 1. 6. 2024

Free of charge

Between: 12:00 – 18:00
Place: Erpet Centrum, Praha 5

Nomadic game room Sládkovna brings a trailer full of games, nostalgia, fun, wit and laughter.

Come turn the handle and catch a few eggs, shoot down a few beers and fight for the innkeeper’s heart or hit it hard with a hammer and find out if you’re a fighter or just a “big bad”. Come and wander around the house with us while the whole world revolves around you or sweeten the children’s life and give them whatever they can fit. Fish for pearls from the bottom of the sea, try to swim past a giant cuttlefish, or try to successfully sail through a whale cove and bring the cargo safely to port. You can make a “fair deal” with sailor Pája or just stamp your arm or breast and get a great tattoo that everyone will envy🙂.

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