Poetic performance about passing on experience, dream fulfillment and looking for new horizons.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 12+ years
Duration: 75 minutes without intermission
Place: Circus Ronaldo marquee, Hořejší nábřeží


23. 6. 2022Thursday19:30 Tickets
24. 6. 2022Friday19:30 Tickets
25. 6. 2022Saturday19:30 Tickets
26. 6. 2022Sunday19:30 Tickets
27. 6. 2022Monday19:30SOLD OUT

The latest performance of Circus Ronaldo, where father and son Danny and Pepijn Ronaldo perform on stage together. Through their shared love for music and gimmicks, they build a bridge between similarities and differences. The father seems entrenched in his past, desperately searching for an ancient but faded sense of ecstasy. The son seeks reconciliation between the old circus his father created and the world beyond.

The roots of Circus Ronaldo stretch back far into the past, with Danny and Pepijn as the sixth and seventh generations. With seven as a sacred number, they now pay tribute to this past: ‚Sono io?‘ (‚Is that me?).

Belgian Circus Ronaldo will visit the ARENA festival for the second time. In 2019, he won over the Prague audience with the performance La Cucina Dell´Arte.

Concept, direction en performance: Danny Ronaldo, Pepijn Ronaldo
Creation: Danny Ronaldo, Pepijn Ronaldo, Seppe Verbist
Final direction: Frank Van Laecke
Performance coaching: Steven Luca, Walter Janssens
Sound design en technic: Seppe Verbist
Light design: Dominique Pollet
Music: David Van Keer, Birger Embrechts, Seppe Verbist, Tchaikovsky
Studio musicians: Pedro Pozos, Cedric Murrath, Stefan Wellens, Harmen Goossens, Floris De Smet, Birger Embrechts, Jasper De Roeck, Corneel Didier, Seppe Verbist, Tom Lambrechts, Thomas Van Hees
Costume design: Dotje Demuynck
Decor design and construction, props: Danny Ronaldo, Erik Van den Broeck, Seppe Verbist, Marjolijn Midori, Nanosh Ronaldo, David Ronaldo, Johanna Daenen, Pepijn Ronaldo
Company manager: Lesley Verbeeck
Promotional design: Frauke Verreyde
Coprodruction: Théatre Firmin Gémier / La Piscine – Pôle national des arts du cirque (Châtenay-Malabry), Theater op de Markt – Dommelhof (Pelt), Miramiro (Gent)
With the support of: Cultuurhuis de Warande (Turnhout), GC ’t Blikveld Bonheiden and the Flemish Community Contact and promotion Frans Brood Productions