Intimate, disturbing and liberating fairground circus.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 12+ years
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
Place: Loď Tajemství, Hořejší nábřeží


21. 6. 2022Tuesday19:30 Tickets
22. 6. 2022Wednesday19:30 Tickets
24. 6. 2022Friday20:30 Tickets
25. 6. 2022Saturday20:30 Tickets

With his big red nose, wrinkles under the eyes, big slippers, and big pants Le Boudu is not a clown like the others. When you see him at the beginning in front of his cave, you don’t like him. He is drunk, dirty, lonely, and evil. He certainly doesn’t look like a good clown. But… you may find out that there is an incredibly sensitive and at the same time funny soul hiding in the faded costume of that rough character.

„His heart hurts a little, he’s too drunk … no doubt the liver, the small beers or maybe his heart itself, his poor ogre heart. Or the damn rust that relentlessly affects everything, the stove, the heart, and the rest of it … You must get back to work and go see the good guys and girls. Sip a few drinks, watch the sunsets, have a little feast and then be evil as best you can. Gotta live well… “

Bonaventure Gacon is one of the founders of the popular Cirque Trottola and to this year’s ARENA brings his solo performance “Par le Boudu”. The philosophical piece, which could be called „Looser“ in English, has won the prestigious Prix des Arts du Cirque in France. Petr Forman will be part of the performance as the interpreter on stage.