Face the contemporary chaos and awaken your more sensitive self.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 8+ years
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
Place: Rasposo marquee, Hořejší nábřeží


21. 6. 2022Tuesday18:00 Tickets
22. 6. 2022Wednesday18:00 Tickets
23. 6. 2022Thursday18:00 Tickets
24. 6. 2022Friday18:00 Tickets
25. 6. 2022Saturday18:00 Tickets
27. 6. 2022Monday19:30SOLD OUT
28. 6. 2022Tuesday19:00 Tickets
30. 6. 2022Thursday19:00 Tickets
1. 7. 2022Friday19:00 Tickets
2. 7. 2022Saturday19:00 Tickets

A metaphorical and revolted unveiling, around the image of the white clown as a derisory saviour of contemporary chaos. In the darkness of the ring, the acrobatic imbalances or the wild grace of knife throwing resonate with a few notes of barrel organ, sad and joyful, like a circus prayer.

„An Oration is a prayer, a final word. Through this show, I seek to awaken an awareness to rekindle our intellectual and poetic lights as well as our deep sensibilities. To light up new ones, more spiritual, more visceral, more authentic, towards which we can rise, and that we can follow. The quest for a concrete truth, which is found in the concreteness of bodies. With the nervous wave that provokes the circus gesture, my artistic act has for ambition to be lived physically by the spectator, and questions something mystical or supernatural, what the circus and death put in presence together.“
Marie Molliens

Writing, directing, lighting: Marie Molliens
Choreographic Vision: Denis Plassard
Performers: Robin Auneau, Zaza Kuik „Missy Messy“, Marie Molliens, Françoise Pierret
Assistant director: Fanny Molliens
Dramaturgy consultant: Aline Reviriaud
Choreographic contributor: Milan Herich
Costume designer: Solenne Capmas
Music composer: Françoise Pierret
Sound designer: Didier Préaudat, Gérald Molé
Light design assistant: Théau Meyer