Obludarium is back! Monsters, freaks and all the other monstrous creatures and their tamers have decided to reopen their weird world.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 7+ years
Duration: 100 minutes without intermission
Place: Obludárium Marquee, embankment of Hořejší nábřeží


23. 6. 2021Wednesday20:30SOLD OUT
24. 6. 2021Thursday20:30SOLD OUT
26. 6. 2021Saturday20:30SOLD OUT
28. 6. 2021Monday19:45SOLD OUT
29. 6. 2021Tuesday19:00SOLD OUT
1. 7. 2021Thursday17:00SOLD OUT
2. 7. 2021Friday17:00SOLD OUT
3. 7. 2021Sunday19:00SOLD OUT

Obludárium – The iconic production of Forman Brothers‘ Theatre with countless reruns home as well as abroad will once again grab your attention at the renewed premiere at the ARENA 2021 festival.

Obludárium is a magical world full of artistic and sound numbers, like in an old cabaret show, in which the strangest creatures and pranks of nature together with quirky entertainers, musicians, actors and dancers gradually appear and disappear to entertain the audience. Obludárium simply expresses the wish to get inspiration in anything that can face the today´s tabloid on stage. Sometimes it is just a picture, mood or emotion, other times a fragile story unfolds. There is certainly no lack of humor, sometimes even a bit darker one, but behind all of this is an amazement at things out of grasp and exciting for our mind.

With the desire to fulfill, at least in part, its own idea of the world that people are often afraid to enter, Obludárium with interest and passion composes a peculiar theatrical mosaic, enlivened in an intimate and untraditionally designed space.

Monsters: Petr Forman, Matěj Forman, Veronika Švábová, Petr Píša, Kristýna Boková / Jitka Hradilková, Petra Brabcová / Marta Vodenková, Miroslav Kochánek / Michael Vodenka
Lit up by: Zdeněk Borůvka / Petr Goro Horký
Sound by: Fernando Heranz Solis / Jan Vondra
Spun by: Ivan Arsenjev / Josef Sodomka
Accompanied by an orchestra „Trained Swines“: Jakub Mašek / Jan Čížek, Daniel Wunsch / Jan Andr, Martin Zavoďan / Standa Mácha