Come and experience great art in a small yurt.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 7+ years
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
Place: traditional Mongolian yurt, Hořejší nábřeží


23. 6. 2021Wednesday19:00SOLD OUT
24. 6. 2021Thursday18:00SOLD OUT
25. 6. 2021Friday18:00SOLD OUT
27. 6. 2021Sunday20:00SOLD OUT
28. 6. 2021Monday20:00SOLD OUT
29. 6. 2021Tuesday20:00SOLD OUT
1. 7. 2021Thursday20:00SOLD OUT
2. 7. 2021Friday20:00SOLD OUT
3. 7. 2021Sunday17:00 Tickets

Step into the enchanting world of the Catalan ensemble Los Galindos on their first visit to the Czech Republic. In a traditional Mongolian yurt, the artists will present a unique circus performance full of understanding and misunderstanding, false politeness, egos, cruelty and fear, combined with wonderful Catalan humor.

Four artists rediscover the abilities of their bodies in the confined space of an unconventional yurt which automatically evokes a sense of mystery. Everyone who enters is therefore absorbed by their world from the beginning.

The performance stands out for its simplicity, truthfulness and sincerity. Two pairs of artists are slowly dragging the audience into their world inside a small tent. Perhaps thanks to the intimate space and age of one of the couples they don’t have to compare themselves with the greatest masters of new circus. Yet their performances will amaze and entertain the viewers. In addition to masterful theatrical moments and clown numbers, they may also fly over the trapeze or perform great acrobatics on a bicycle on a miniature stage. Don’t miss the performance of the ensemble that received the National Award for Culture in Catalonia!


Artistic direction: Sázejte Garrell a Marcel Escolano – Los Galindos
Artistic creation in ring: Anna Pascual, Benet Jofre, Bet Garrell a Marcel Escolano
External artistic collaborations: Roberto Magro, Enric Ases, Bina Rieck a Michel Dallaire
Stage design: Los Galindos
Costumes: Perturbado de Ponzoña
Technician and builder: Benet Jofre
Models and props: Txell Janot
Soundtrack of efects: Kiku Vidal a Yvonne Miraille
Musical collaborations: Joan Cot a Xavi Lozano
Video: Julián Waisbord
Photography: Manel Sala „Ulls“
Production: Los Galindos