Big. Giant. Grandiose. Colossal. XXXL. Hugely entertaining, Jumbo.

Family show
Place: Park, Hořejší nábřeží


21. 6. 2022Tuesday14h – 17h50 CZK
22. 6. 2022Wednesday14h – 17h50 CZK
23. 6. 2022Thursday14h – 17h50 CZK

The largest elephant in human history, and also one of the world’s first animal celebrities. It was seen by over 15 million adults and 4 million children. He was known for his exceptional size and became the darling of Great Britain and later the United States of America, where he was bought into the circus of Mr. P.T. Barnum.

How did the fans see him and what was he really like? A big elephant with big nightmares.
Come and see inside an elephant that was never alone and yet was lonely.

Souvenir hunters, Jumbists, have prepared an unforgettable jumbo experience for you.

Jumbists: Antonie Formanová, Anna Klimešová, Jakub Šulík, Mikoláš Zika
Production: Verča Krejčí

Supporters: ARENA festival, Forman Brothers‘ Theatre, Nadace Život umělce, Jiří Havelka

Spectators with our assistance can get closer to the elephant at any time within 14-17 hours. If they would like to climb it and see its inner world, we have determined a symbolic entry amount of CZK 50. (The giant elephant eats enormously – Jumbo’s diet is not the cheapest!)
As part of the entry, the visitor will receive a jumbo stamp and with consent will be photographed in the visitors‘ archive.