The premiere of a Production made especially for ARENA festival and it´s premises of boat (loď) Tajemství

Family show: suitable for adults and children 10+ years
Duration: 55 minutes without intermission
Place: Loď Tajemství, embankment of Hořejší nábřeží
The performance is language barrier-free.


2. 7. 2021Friday19:00 Tickets
3. 7. 2021Saturday18:00 Tickets

Production based on the cooperation of the Holektiv and Cink Cink Cirk ensembles. Directed by Jakub Folvarčný and costumes by Petra Vlachynská and with English and Italian international support the performers will lead you into the scene of a dystopian paraphrase of our days. Cabaret, Theater, Circus: 

When you are restrained, captured, and imprisoned you have two options: You can get upset and worried, angrily kick around yourself and you become a fighter for so called external freedom or you can immerse into your own self and become an explorer of your inner freedom… 

So, you do have a choice: a submarine or a ship. Challenging but secure living or unattainable dream. Serve yourself, choose your universe – we have both for you. Answers are already emerging from the fog of uncertainty. Maybe you are asking yourself just now: is it still possible to live free, happy, and full life?  

Director: Jakub Folvarčný
Cast: Andrea Vykysalá, Eva Stará, Karolína Křížková, Lukas Blaha Bliss, Aleš Hrdlička, Hannah Lennox, Mattia Comisso a Vojtěch Bor
Music: Vojtěch Bor
Stage design: Jakub Folvarčný a Petra Vlachynská
Physical collaboration: Dora Sulženko Hoštová
Production: Holektiv
Co-producer: Loď Tajemství
With the support of: The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Prague, and State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic