There are always few heroes, you can become one yourself, all you have to do is not be afraid, all you have to do is like someone.

Family show: suitable for adults and children 5+ years
Duration: 60 minutes without intermission
Place: Loď Tajemství, embankment of Hořejší nábřeží
The performance is in Czech.


23. 6. 2021Wednesday18:00SOLD OUT
24. 6. 2021Thursday17:00SOLD OUT
25. 6. 2021Friday19:00SOLD OUT
26. 6. 2021Saturday11:00SOLD OUT
26. 6. 2021Saturday17:00SOLD OUT
27. 6. 2021Sunday11:00SOLD OUT
27. 6. 2021Sunday17:00SOLD OUT

Matěj Forman returns to Loď Tajemství with Oscar Wilde’s fairy tale “The Happy Prince”. The unique area of Loď Tajemství is filled with an epic family production created in cooperation with the Forman Brothers´ Theatre and the Lampion Theatre. 

Behind the walls of beautiful palaces, where people just dance and live easily, a quite different world can be found: A world of poor and often despised people, which is no longer so appealing and easy-going, but still true. There is a beautiful gilded statue of a prince in the middle of the town. The prince has gemstones instead of eyes and a beautiful ruby ​​set in his sword-hilt. The statue of the Happy Prince reminds wealthy townsmen and people accustomed to a carefree life of their own prosperity and success, but the prince himself, standing high above the town, looks down every day at the misery of people he did not know during his life. Winter is slowly approaching, and the swallows are flying to the south. One little swallow settled under the statue of the prince for the night and, despite the coming winter, could no longer leave him. Her compassionate heart is stronger than desire for exotic warm landscapes. But what about the prince’s lead heart? Can it also resonate with love and compassion?


Oscar Wilde, Radek Malý, Matěj Forman

Director: Matěj Forman
Dramaturgy: Radek Malý, Matouš Danzer
Stage design: Matěj Forman
Puppets: Tereza Komárková
Artistic collaboration: Barka Zichová, Josef Sodomka, Marek Rejent
Costumes: Andrea Sodomková
Music: Daniel Wunsch
Choreography: Veronika Švábová
Light design: Jan Černohorský
Sound design: Prokop Pernica
Scene production: the studio of the Lampion Theatre and the team of the Forman Brothers‘ Theatre
Production: Jakub Hradilek

Cast: František Čachotský, Eva Burešová, Lukáš Bouzek, Jakub Hubert, Marie Švestková / Bára Nesvadbová, Diana Hauptová, Jiří Šponar, Jan Vejražka, Marie Jansová, Jan Pichler, Vera Hejko / Kristýna Dámová