June 22 – July 3, 2021

The fourth year of the festival was hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic: in 2020 we had to cancel it. In 2021 it was held only with great compromises. Unfortunately, one of the main ensembles „Le P’tit Cirk“ could not participate and the number of festival spectators was limited due to the covid-19 restrictions. However, even with all that we managed to organize
another successful year!

ARENA 2021 took place at a new location in Prague, at the reconstructed Smíchov embankment. The performances took place also in the park on Hořejší nábřeží, and on the boat (in Czech „loď“) Tajemství close to the festival grounds.
One of the main pieces was „UduL“ performed by Catalan ensemble Los Galindos in a traditional Mongolian yurt built in the park. It was a performance full of understanding and misunderstanding, false courtesy, ego, cruelty, and fear combined with terrific Catalan humor. The Forman Brothers Theater offered a renewed premiere of a cult production „Obludárium“ directly on the embankment.

The boat Tajemství offered another two Forman Brothers productions: „The Happy Prince“, which Matěj Forman presented together with the Theater Lampion, and „The Illusionist“ by Petr Forman with Vojta Švejda and Wariot Ideal. Especially for the boat’s premises was performed „Wreck of Dreams“ directed by Jakub Folvarčný together with ensembles Holektiv and Cink Cink Cirk.

Nearly 6 000 spectators attended the festival. Among them not only cirque and concert fans, but also those who visited creative workshops and other art exhibitions by our friends and supporters.