12 – 26 June 2019

The third ARENA festival offered, besides one new piece by the Forman Brothers’ Theatre, also one world preview and several Czech premieres of foreign performances. One of the best-known new circus companies, Cirque Trottola ensemble, has introduced its brand-new show Campana. In the performance La Cucina dell’Arte the Belgian Circus Ronaldo presented a unique show set in an Italian restaurant. And last but not least, the French company Atelier Lefeuvre & André came with their world preview of Parbleu ! A show where petanque balls and the mason spatula came to life!

The Forman Brothers’ Theatre presented for the first time in Prague an Oscar Wilde’s adaptation of Happy Prince directed by Matěj Forman and originally made for the Kladno Children’s Theatre Lampion.

In 2019 ARENA festival also cooperated with The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague of Theatre Faculty (DAMU), specifically with students of the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. In addition, also an open call was organized to select ten other performances and projects created by art students.

The festival was visited by more than 10 000 people and ARENA proved to be a place where people come to see fine performances and enjoy music and unique atmosphere in Prague.