The second year of the open air festival ARENA successfully continued the premiere year. In the ten-day marathon, several foreign artists presented themselves to the audience at the Smíchov embankment, and the production of the Forman Brothers‘ Theatre with a popular Aladdin performance wasn’t also missing. Completely sold out performances shows that the ARENA festival has found its place among lovers of (not only) a new circus in such a short time. Suspended rope art was presented to enthusiastic audiences by the Swiss tightrope walker David Dimitri at L’Homme Cirque, which is currently the most famous one-man show in the world of the new circus. Boris Gibé, a French artist, brought a completely new form of the new circus to Prague. His performance L’Absolu took place in the original space called silo. In this year, the festival also collaborated for the first time with the renowned FLIC circus school from Turin. Twenty students under the supervision of the world-renowned lecturer of the new circus, Robert Magro, in Prague prepared their graduation performance literally tailored to the space of the theater ship Tajemství.

The festival plans to cooperate with students from the fields of art in the future. ARENA festival connects (not only) theater worlds and individual projects. The organizers are also working on the concept of reviving the public space of the Smíchov embankment by the railway bridge. “Reviving the place is as important to us as the program. We wish to create a space where visitors can relax, enjoy the beginning of summer and rest in the arms of nature, dreams and daring and courageous trips into the world of human imagination,” says director Petr Forman.

ARENA 2018 offered spectators and passers-by a culturally packed program with free entertainment by the river. Even without a performance ticket, visitors were satisfied: open-air concerts, exhibitions, dance evenings and much more, including a children’s program. The festival village was open for free during the festival. Along with the individual performances, more than 7,000 people visited it during the ten days of the event.