About the Forman Brothers‘ theatre festival ARENA

The Open Air Festival ARENA, founded by Forman Brothers‘ Theatre, was held for the first time in 2017. It regularly includes performances produced by the Forman brothers themselves, as well as performances by craftsmen, artists and other performers whom Peter and Matěj met during their travels around the world.

In addition to the new performance from the Forman Brothers‘ Theatere, this year’s fifteen-day festival will also feature one world avant première and several Czech premieres of foreign performances this year. Circus Trottola, one of the most famous circus ensembles, will come to Prague with its brand new show „Campana“, which will be presented in the Czech Republic for the first time. There is also a ensemble with a long history Circus Ronaldo with a performance full of food “La Cucina dell’Arte”. And the French Atelier Lefeuvre & André will offer a world avant première called “Parbleu !” on the Loď Tajemství (Mystery ship).

Last year, artistic cooperation with the Italian circus school FLIC from Turin was a great success. This year we did not go anywhere far for cooperation with the upcoming generation of artists and we approached students at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts. Its students have prepared an original performance tailored to the cultic marquee of the more cultic performance „Obludárium“ from the Forman Brothers‘ Theatre. Students of other art schools selected on the basis of an open call will also appear in the marquee.

From June 12 to 26, enjoy the festival atmosphere in the Smíchov embankment at the railway bridge. Where Pavel Švanda’s favorite Arena used to stand for almost 70 years as a theater and as a meeting place. Come for unforgettable cultural experiences and, like last year, bring the whole family with you, as well as dogs and cats and tigers and elephants, if you have one. The program is prepared for all visitors in the form of workshops, performances, concerts and continuous shows of artists in the area. Last year, the festival was attended by more than seven thousand spectators and all performances were hopelessly sold out!

The festival’s artistic director, Petr Forman, summarizes the main idea of the festival: “The ARENA festival focuses on connecting worlds and individual projects. This is also related to the concept of reviving the public space of the Smíchov embankment by the railway bridge. Reviving the place is as important to us as the program. We wish to create a space where visitors can relax, enjoy the beginning of summer and rest in the arms of nature, dreams and daring and courageous trips into the world of human imagination.“

Do not hesitate to come and experience the festival village with an unforgettable atmosphere at the Smíchov embankment. Entrance to the area is free of charge throughout the festival.