Festival of theatre, New Circus, music and contemporary visual arts

The first Open Air Festival ARENA founded by the Forman Brothers Theater was in 2017, with the flagship new performance DEADTOWN by the Forman Brothers. But all the theatre performances at the festival had, to some extent, the directors’ signature of Matěj and Petr Forman.

This year, the festival will run over a course of ten days, offering, alongside the traditional Forman Brothers Theater shows, also guest performances curated for the festival by Petr Forman himself. The Swiss aerialist David Dimitri with his L’Homme Cirque, or Boris Gibé from France with his new show L’Absolu. The audience will certainly benefit from the festival’s partnership with the legendary Turin-based circus school FLIC; under the watchful eye of the world-renowned New Circus teacher Roberto Magro, 24 students will perform their graduation show in Prague, which has been literally “made-to-measure” to the theatre boat TAJEMSTVÍ. All these ensembles will celebrate their Prague debut!

Come and enjoy the festival atmosphere at the Smíchov embankment (Náplavka), by the railway bridge, from 14 until 24 June. The festival location honours the place where the popular F.A. Švanda Arena, a theatre and a meeting place, used to stand. Experience culture in a new way, and, like last year, take your family with you – and any dogs, cats, tigers and elephants you may have. Visitors can look forward to workshops, shows and impromptu performances. Last year, the festival welcomed over six thousand people, and all the shows sold out to the last ticket.

ARENA Festival aspires to connect worlds and projects, as well as revitalize the public embankment space in Smíchov by the railway bridge. The public space revitalization is as important as the festival program itself. We want to create a space where visitors can relax, enjoy the early summer, revel in the embrace of nature, dreams and bold and audacious expeditions into the world of human imagination. (Petr Forman)

Don’t hesitate – come to the festival village with its unforgettable atmosphere at the Smíchov embankment. Admission to the festival village is free for the duration of the festival.